SF: Super Fun

Sightseeing, bonding time and wine consumption make for the perfect vacation combination, and this past week’s trip to San Francisco mastered the trifecta! I crossed the country to visit sister Jen!

And traveled with Claire!

We saw and enjoyed quite a bit of SF.

Starting with Lands End: A park that’s situated in the northwest corner of the city and chock full of gorgeous views of the coastline and the Golden Gate. It’s also perfect for photo ops.

The Legion of Honor is just around the park and part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; it’s also home to “Water Lilies” by Monet. A work of art, I’d say:

We also checked out the Exploratorium, an uber interactive science museum along the Embarcadero. The museum takes a social approach to the sciences and focuses on experiments tailored to the five senses, including an exhibit that tested your feelings when you were surrounded by a globe of color (our pilgrim friend helped us out).

Back inland, Claire and I checked out the Japanese Tea Garden and Golden Gate Park:

And neighborhoods all around, including the Castro and Mission districts.

And took a trip to Chinatown for some super fashionable scarves!

We also made a delightful trip out to Napa Valley for some wine tastings.

And ate so many delicious things!! Including, but not limited to:
  • Burma Love: I think it’s time to check out some Burmese places in DC now.
  • Philz Coffee: A fantastic coffee shop with made-to-order blends; there are two locations opening in DC soon!!


  • Eatsa: The Chipotle of people-less ordering (you order on iPads and grab your meal through a cubby hole when it’s done). This place topped Claire and my list of eateries in CA. Super efficient ordering paired with top notch vegetarian bowls, that are below market rate! A highlight might have been when the restaurant social media re-grammed my Instagram photo. But then that Smokehouse Bowl was also amazing, so it’s a toss up.


Until next time, SF!

– EmPan

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