Harvest Blend

Harvest Blend: A cliche blog title & the name of my new favorite tea at Trader Joe’s!
This delicious concoction of cinnamon, ginger and apple flavors has been my go-to throughout this cold and subsequent lost voice!

Luckily, despite my rasp, I was still able to enjoy this weekend’s pre-planned activities. First up: Getting in my last long run! On Friday (a thoroughly enjoyed day off from work) I knocked out a 10 miler at about a 9:30 pace. Looking forward to taking it easy this week with just a few three mile runs planned and less gym time to fully enjoy this taper. At this point I’m just visualizing the finish line and thinking positive thoughts!

Then throughout the rest of the weekend I was able to catch up with ol’ friends. It was so great seeing special guests Alli and Shawn (no pictured), the recently engaged couple!

Friends(w/ Lesley, Kelsey & Alli)

And then made it to the White House Fall Garden Tour! This was my second year in attendance, and although the event hasn’t changed much since I went two years ago, it was still just as fun to snap some photos up close in the Rose Garden:

Rose Garden
And in front of the White House Lawn:

WH(w/ Claire)

So many West Wing references, too little time.


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