I can officially report that this elusive “20 mile run” will not happened this marathon training. I hit the trail to finally check off this marker and was stopped by the ultimate training wall. Since I had plenty of time to reflect on my five mile trail walk back to civilization, I’ve come up with a list of explanations why 20 miles just didn’t happen today!

  • Lack of mid-run fuel. I only took along one Larabar on my run and it really wasn’t enough. I broke into it (as I had planned to) around mile nine, and after taking smaller bites I was basically done by 13. With seven more miles to go – I was nervous and intimidated by the thought of running the remainder on empty.
  • Bordom. My usual go-to running jams weren’t speaking to me, but why would they after over two hours on repeat?!
  • Fatigue! Last Wednesday when I got back from CA I logged a pretty good 14 mile run in an effort to get back on my training track. Then between Wednesday and Sunday I added anther run and a new cold to the mix. And even though more sleep was also added, I couldn’t stop dreaming of iced coffee and a nap awaiting me at the end of the trail.
Essentially, I gave up at 14.25 miles, to be exact. But since I was mid-trail with no Uber in sight, I had the pleasure of embracing the nature around me. This is me trying to look at the bright side!


In other news this week, I made some kickin’ grilled chicken with the best marinade in town. And finally got to The Hamilton for some live music! The 19th Street Band was on tap Friday night, and did not disappoint.

19th St. Band



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