Nuit Blanche

Just a few quick life updates!

This week I checked out Dumbarton Gardens, thanks to free entrance on Museum Day Live! Super beautiful. The property seemed like it went on forever, which is quite the unique find in Georgetown. It’s even ranked by National Geographic as a Top 10 garden!

I was also able to experience DC’s Art All Night! Multiple art galleries around Dupont, H Street, North Capitol, Shaw and Congress Heights featured exhibits from 7pm – 3am on Saturday into Sunday. It was basically like Dupont’s First Friday only for longer hours and with more pizzazz. Some of my favorite exhibits were at Hillyer Art Space. Including the outdoor light show by Project Mapping DC. Almost like a suburban Christmas garage light display… almost.


Then inside, Lesley and I were able to try some screen printing with the help of Open Studio DC. What a fun memento!


In non-culture news, I whipped up a chicken sausage, tomato and spaghetti squash casserole. I think spaghetti squash might have to make some more regular appearances in my life; it’s just so easy! And continued the fall baking trend with some of Nance’s pumpkin bread. This time I made one of the loaves with chocolate chips – a good decision.

On running: I debated my training plan for the first time this week since I fell a few miles short after the half marathon. Instead of running this week’s planned 14 miles, I increased the long run to 17 miles. I think it was for the best, especially since I ended up chatting with another runner on the trail, and when we swapped mileages for the same race she asked if I was already tapering?! Not quite since I still have my 20 miler this week… which will take place in California when I deploy to help wildfire relief efforts for work, in a few hours!



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