WW: Women’s Weekend

It’s amazing how many fun photos can be captured when you’re off the clock.

Like enjoying a National’s game on a perfect, still-summer weeknight:

Nat's Game
(w/ Keely)

And seeing the Presidential Race up-close!

On Thursday I headed out of the District for a study-abroad-friend reunion with Claire, Amy, Liz and Emily. We went to Williamsburg, VA!

Colonial Williamsburg
(w/Liz, Claire, Emily and Amy)

One may wonder, “Why Williamsburg?!” and the creative answer was to bond with olde friends in an olde town. The other answer is that Claire was gifted top-notch timeshare accommodations and we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to catch-up on a weekend getaway!

First, we tasted and toured our way through AleWerks Brewing Company. Their pumpkin beer (actually made with squash) was ranked 4th in the nation in 2014. Verdict is still out for the 2015 crop.

On a mission to check out the best beverages in the area, we also enjoyed some hefty wine tastings at the Williamsburg Winery. WW for short, or as our tasting guide affectionately renamed for us: a tribute to our Women’s Weekend.

We meandered out way through Colonial Williamsburg:

And enjoyed the culture and thrills of Busch Gardens. LOL.

Busch Gardens
And couldn’t leave without a game of mini-golf!

Or taking an early morning trip to Duck Donuts, aka a super delicious donut franchise! They’re made to order – all donut favors are the same and can be customized with glazes and toppings. I do not believe we went overboard with our dozen donut selection.

Duck Donuts
And then after making it back to DC…



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