Resilience is key in training… and real life!

This week’s long marathon training run was 14 miles. Noted as the longest distance I’d ever run at one time. And accomplished the day after breaking off nearly a year and a half relationship. No worries, I made it to the finish line!

Run time was about 2:23 with a 10:17/pace, but after adding in about 12 minutes of walking I’m rounding up to about 2:35 start to finish. That’s a long time.

Things that take a shorter amount of time than my 14 mile run:

  • Traveling to-and-from an hour long gym class,
  • Watching a full length movie (just not Titanic) or
  • Baking a lot of cookies.

I may have been cursing this marathon and dreading future training runs throughout the jog, but in retrospect, it wasn’t half bad. And over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten the post-run recovery routine down pat:

  • First step: Re-fill water bottle at the outdoor foundation and exchange niceties with fellow runners and bikers. It’s amazing how refreshing chit-chatting with the weekend trail-goers can be!
  • Step 2: Acquire chocolate milk and/or gatorade and/or Dunkin’ Donuts iced tea. Hydration really is key.
  • Step 3: Make the way to the metro. Wait for the metro. Metro home.
  • Step 4: Pick up fast-casual post-run meal, consume, shower and relax.

Surprisingly, and to my delight, post run bounce back time is getting shorter and less burdensome as the weeks continue! Resilient, you may say.

In other updates this week, I enjoyed a great friend-filled birthday:


(w/ Kelsey, Lesley, Amy, Keely and Claire)

And broke in the newest pair of Brooks PureFlow’s (not quite on a different note, but still a highlight!):


And made chocolate chip cookies in under 2:35 hours.




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