To help celebrate a quarter life, on Saturday Claire and I hosted a semi-extravagant wine tasting party. A lot of fun, especially since Claire had the vision for every detail!

Lesley insta

(Photo credit: @lesleysiu Instagram)

For the event, everyone was asked to bring two bottles of the same wine. The group then sampled ten varieties and voted on the aroma, flavor and finish of each. Ratings were tallied at the end, and those that brought wines with the highest and lowest rankings got to choose from the selection of bottle pairs to take home!


We cleansed the pallet with a selection of cheese and crackers, grapes and mini cupcakes. And topped off the evening with birthday eclair cake!


(Photo credit: @keelssss Instagram)

So thankful to have been surrounded by so many great friends. And that I now know which bottles to look out for in Trader Joe’s!

In other weekly activities, I got up close and personal with seemingly a whole fleet of Marine One’s on the commute to the gym:

Marine One

And finished week six marathon training with the not-entirely-enjoyable 12 mile run. This was the first week I had to break into my energy bar mid-run. Essentially, during miles eight-12 I was day dreaming of lemon lime Gatorade and had to instead re-fuel with warm water and portions of the Larabar I had packed. Luckily, it got me through the trot to the finish! I ended a bit slower than I hoped at about 2:03 of running time, but really plus ten minutes of intermittent walk time. As I like to say, at least it’s done!

This is probably where I should insert some deep birthday wisdom, but since it’s not for another 10 minutes, I’ll save it for birthday reflections.




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