A Week with a View

It’s always a bonus when activities, in addition to their intrinsic value, lend themselves to photo opportunities!

Wine Country

Before heading into the Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center this week, Kelsey, Hannah, Lesley and I posed for an outfit-coordinating snapshot on the theater terrace.

Book of MormonThe musical lived up to it’s hype. And of course, the vocals and dance moves were inspiring! Interestingly, the play is showing for the first time this week in Salt Lake City for the first time since opening in 2011. General consensus is positive, with a side of as-expected insult.

Then over the weekend the girlfriends and I took a trip to the Virginia countryside for a few wine tastings – driven by the ingenious thought of “Wine not”?! We made two stops; the first at La Grange in Haymarket and then to Barrel Oak about 20 minutes away in Deplane. It was quite delightful making a leisurely afternoon of sipping and picnicking to sober (myself) up. Our guide, Steve, at La Grange was helpful in recommending food pairings for our tastings. We could relate to the “spaghetti and meatballs” combinations slightly more than the “brisket or pork roast” suggestions. Apparently we looked like experienced chefs!?

Barrel Oak

I can, however, successfully report back on a peach salad concoction! This photo is from my second attempt of the week, as I’ve re-learned that peaches are finicky and don’t last forever. I paired the peaches with spinach, pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette. Salmon not shown.


In non-photographed experiences, this week’s long run went well. It was only 6 miles! My Garmin lost battery around mile four, so after back-up tracking via my phone and knowing my start and end time I can confidently report it was about a 9:35 min/mile pace. I’m pretty content with this time, as logistically it should be faster than my longer 8+ mile pace, but I also wasn’t necessarily trying for a personal record.

To compensate for the lack of runner photo, I’ll share newly found park bench that’s perfect for reading my self-help book prior to my 25th year. Book review to come, because bookclub is MIA.




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