It really is refreshing to do something new. After living in DC for 6 years now, it’s getting harder to experience different places and activities. While this weekend’s activities weren’t completely off the radar from the norm, the slight switch-up really was refreshing.

Like going to the movies! For me, there aren’t too many movies that I’m eager, or even aware of, to see in theaters. But recently I caught wind of the trailer for Trainwreck and after hearing several personal recommendations, I was too intrigued not to make a night of it in theaters. It was amazing! Laugh out lough funny. Who knew LeBron James could act?!

This weekend was also a lesson in brining the theme “new” to my weekly runs. Saturday’s 10 miler was a mental struggle. On the bright side, I still felt physically strong throughout the run. I ended with a just above 10 min/mile pace.


I’ve concluded that the mental difficulty was mainly due to route choice, which was one that I’ve done a few dozen times by now. By mile four I reached the Mall, and had to divert from my ideal, tried-and-true path to keep things interesting. There are a million different routes I could take, but somehow I always prefer to do the same one! I ended up adding a lap around the Tidal Basin – a trail usually avoided due to narrow pathways and slow moving tourists. Luckily, it was pretty empty at the time. Another plan for keeping longer runs interesting: chunking the run into portions rather than looking at entire amount. As in, the next 10 miler will be mentally configured into a 4 mile, 3 mile and 3 mile run. Also open to other suggestions! Running groups TBD.

The third aspect of new-ish experiences took place at Union Market!

Union Market

My first visit was a bit over a year ago, so it was nice to re-visit the shops and enjoy a delightful dinner al fresco at Bidwell.


The peach summer salad, a special, was phenomenal. So light and flavorful! It inspired a few supermarket peach purchases; if duplication is successful it will be shared next week. The suspense!

And of course, couldn’t resist a stop for dessert next door (new one for the books)!





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