Random Activities

For the exception of “random activities” this past week’s extracurricular’s had no theme. Therefore, I’ll share a bulleted list:

  • Freer Sackler’s Third Thursday, The Peacock Room: I just now stumbled on one of the Smithsonian’s reoccurring “Third Thursday” events! As the title explains, the museum is open to the public one evening a month to highlight an exhibit. “The Peacock Room”, an ornate room decorated in blue and gold and once owned by the actual “Freer” in the museum name, was featured in July. The room is based on the belief that “all works of art go together, whatever their period.” The walls are painted with a gold and turquoise contrast and the shelving holds an assortment of Asian pottery pieces. Normally the room’s shutters are closed, but on Thursday night they were wide open for curator-led tours. How many amateur photographers were there? As many people that have smartphones.


  • USDA Farmers Market: The USDA runs a farmers market every Friday during the day, but this year they’ve also opened it up during the evening hours. It had been on my to-check-out list this summer, and I am sorry to report that I cannot, in good faith, recommend this as a hot-spot!? There was barely any produce?! The market is petite in comparison to the Dupont Farmers Market and Eastern Market. And composed mostly of food trucks. The food truck falafel was a delight, but not necessarily worth trekking it through the middle of the Mall for. Side note: I could happily point out every DC landmark and major road when one tourist stopped me for directions, and I could help another family capture their quintessential National Monument photo on my cross-Mall travel. At least I could help!


  • Wegmans Pub: After reading that a new Wegmans was opening in Alexandria, with a full service restaurant, I was intrigued. The grocery chain has quite the cult following, so on Sunday I took a trip with some pals for a grocery store Sunday supper. Consensus: it was good! My chicken caprese really just hit the spot.19689107529_4ceb66474e_o
  • Running: Week two of training was a success! I had a three mile, four mile and eight mile run scheduled; all of which were at, or slightly below, a 10 minute pace. Including the weekend’s long run when it happened to downpour from mile 6-8! For the exception of added stress to protect my phone, the rain wasn’t too bad – it cooled temperatures down just slightly. The humidity these days! To clarify, the drops on my arms are from the rain, but pre-rain they pretty much looked the same. Too graphic?

Wegman Cheers!
– EmPan


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