After buckling down at work all week, it just seems natural to spend free time in the great outdoors. And appreciate nature!

Like on a morning health walk:

Sunflower(No filter!)

And then, at Hsin-Hsi Chen’s First Friday’s exhibit made with natural materials.

Art(w/ Kelsey and Lesley and fellow art appreciators!)

An explanation: “The untouchable and invisible time and space overlap the unpredictable challenges and growth in universe as the light illuminates those mysterious elements and source of life. The shadow within reflects its subject as the soul to the human being.” … Now we know!

And on the National Mall. Perhaps my favorite view, with the Reflecting Pool on the left and Constitution Gardens on the right! Freedom, lighting up the unknown.

Mall(On a walk after a 4.5 mile run/failed long run attempt. More on running next week!)

And finally, on the trails of Sugarloaf Mountain!

Sugarloaf Mountain(w/ Annie, Dan, Keely, Mike and Ben. Ben and I apparently nailed the same pose!)

Steep summits and vivid views: Nature; it just takes my breath away. : D


– EmPan


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