There are few things more American than baseball and cookouts, and this weekend I tackled both.

In conjunction with Memorial Day and Nicole’s visit, I headed to the ball game with some great friends on a picture perfect Saturday.

Nats game

In true best friend fashion, earlier in the day we embarked on a nice and long, scenic run. Just like old time’s sake, only this time on backroad paths in DC! The trails are in peak condition these days, and are even more ideal than mall running since prime tourist season is in full swing. It really is best to beat the path, off the beaten path; or in this case, off of city streets where there are too many crosswalks.

Then on Monday, Ben and I were able to attend the No. 1 Sons Pickle and Pig Roast; our second one! As a refresher, No. 1 Sons is a local DC pickle, kraut and kimchi maker, sold in farmer’s markets and now featured in a few local restaurants as well. Yes, they did cook an entire pig over fire, but also had a very DIY photo booth set up. Couldn’t resist documenting the occasion:



– EmPan


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