Cooking Light

Somehow DC skipped over spring-like temperatures and moved right along to 80 degree summer weather. And with the season change comes the ability to re-capitalize on rooftop dining.

Starting with pasta dinner on Friday! Lesley and Kelsey hosted their bi-weekly gathering, on the roof this time. A great place to catch up with friends new and old, by candlelight and the finest $5 wine.


Transitioning right along, I haven’t yet mentally prepared for long runs in the heat, so leisurely walks and spin were the exercise of choice this time. And since I somehow never took a scenic nature photo throughout the week, I’ll add a brightly plated tofu dish!


Technically, it was tofu two ways. As in, there’s a lot of tofu in one package so I decided to try half with an enchilada sauce marinade and the remainder with a combination of olive oil, garlic and cajun seasoning (“Slap Ya Mama” to be exact). Both genuinely turned out well! This time I erred on the side of caution and doused the tofu with a generous portion of seasonings before putting it on the grill pan. I also made a point not to over-saute the vegetables to preserve some of the nutritional value. An error in previous ways. Baby-steps!

– EmPan


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