Well Rounded

I don’t always have a culturally well rounded weekend, but when I do it’s surely blog-worthy. It felt great to hit the ground running (literal meaning) and embrace the art scene, especially after a hectic workweek!

Art: May 1st was First Friday in the DC! This was my second time in attendance; it really is quite the delightful concept. The perfect space to catch up with friends, sip some wine and appreciate the arts that are out of my price range.



Culture: Then Saturday’s weather was perfect for Passport DC; a day when dozens of embassies have open houses for the public (no passport required). Claire and I traveled to Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic topped our list, with rum samples, music pumping and a tropical-themed photo booth. Such a fun event!

Passport DC

(w/ Claire)

Food: Technically I didn’t personally whip up the Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza Keely and I enjoyed, but since I chopped the onions and peppers for the pie I’ll take a piece of the credit for this masterpiece:


Literature: Book club took place this weekend! Normally it’s a weekday activity, but this month we switched things up with a picnic style gathering in Dupont Circle. The book: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The novel follows the life of Ifemelu, a Nigeririan teenager, as she gains a student visa to the US and observes racism in the American culture. She frequently narrates the difference between African-Americans and American-Africans (what she considers herself). It wasn’t like anything I’ve read before; worth a read!

Book Club

(Kelly and Keely)

Run: Even without a race in my near future, I’ve thankfully been able to stick to my plan of continuing longer runs in my workout schedule. This week was a steady nine miles! In addition to gearing up for future marathon training, I’ve also started to hone-in on some enjoyable running/nutrition blogs. Recent discoveries include Fannetastic Food and Carrots ’N’ Cake; both great recommendations from a friend in-the-know!



– EmPan


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