Magic Muffin

This was one of those weeks where I didn’t do anything overwhelmingly, blog-worthily exciting.


For the exception of concocting the best blueberry muffin recipe! Whenever I bake I weigh the options of making the traditional, full fat version, or an alternative healthier-ingredient recipe. In my mind, Betty’s chocolate chip cookies are worth the health risk. I’m willing to negotiate with the quick bread category, however. After a few failed no-joy-ingredient muffin baking attempts, this weekend I tried to stay in the middle ground with this blueberry muffin recipe. It’s labeled “healthy” mostly because all the ingredients are normal, natural foods.


They’re delightful! Full of flavor, volumous and super easy to whip up. I used frozen blueberries and just had to bake them for a bit longer than indicated to get them golden brown. Since the recipe only makes six, and all the ingredients are kitchen standards (flour, sugar, egg, milk, butter, baking powder, vanilla) it’s easy to make a few at a time.

Other than ogling at this newfound muffin recipe, over the weekend I embraced a longer run, day trip to Annapolis and burger-and-friend dinner, round 2. Just living the dream, one carbo-loaded bite at a time.




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