Weather is Game-Changing

This week’s warm temperatures really lent well to some fantastic outdoor activities.


Like a Nationals baseball game! My first game, and hot dog, of the season. This ballgame was part of an AU young alumni event, which made it even more worthwhile. Despite the ominous looking clouds, luckily it only drizzled a bit which helped keep the game moving right along. At ~$10 a ticket, I’m sure there are many more Nat’s games on my horizon.


(w/Claire, Kelsey and Lesley)

Saturday’s 80 degree weather also enabled the first cookout of spring!


So great to soak up the fresh air, and then retreat inside to avoid the tree pollen, which is currently on “high”. Subsequently, I kept workouts inside this week to avoid added symptoms. But have been continuing to research running and healthy eating related materials to start implementing now and later with upcoming marathon training! This week’s find was Zelle, by Runner’s World. They hooked me with their article on “How to Carb-load the Right Way”… looking forward to learning more helpful tid-bits on this journey!




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