Lobster is for Easter

Holidays are chock-full of tradition, and this Easter I realized I’ve started a few of my own in addition to carrying on some ancestral legacies. What a great realization!


Business first: This year for Easter I attended mass at the National Cathedral. Tickets were necessary for entry! It was my first time attending a service in the Cathedral and it was quite the operation. Luckily, Claire and I were situated right next to a TV monitor so we could see the altar, and hymns could be enjoyed throughout the hall. Past Easters I’ve attended services in the Basilica of the National Shrine in DC and Westminster Abbey in London. Last year it was spent in my “home” St. Augustine church. I categorize this tradition as “Go big or go home for Easter,” as in, why not see some historic churches on the ultimate Lord’s day!? Half joking.


Following through with ancestral tradition, this week I whipped up a ham pie to help celebrate the season. It does not disappoint! Ham Pie, or “Pizza Rustica” as the Italians call it, is a Pansa family delicacy which I’m getting pretty good at making (third time!). Ham, rice and cheese wrapped in pastry dough. Categorized under “Easter isn’t for the faint of heart” (it’s hearty).

Ham Pie

And after two years of cooking lobster over Easter weekend I’m deciding to consider Easter lobster a new tradition. This year Ben whipped up the best lobster baguette I’ve ever had.


Realistically, it’s the only lobster on a baguette I’ve ever experienced but the honor also applies to the lobster roll category. Categorized under “So good it needs a close-up”:


Backing off of biblical traditions, I’m also always on a mission to hit up new DC activities. And since the Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing Claire and I capitalized on the Southwest Waterfront firework display. Firework photos are lacking so instead I’ll share the festive boat display!





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