Chip & Dip

It’s not every day that you’re invited to a work potluck party, especially one that has a “dip” theme. The invitation encouraged co-workers to bring a dish that was dip-able, like chips and salsa, for example. In an attempt to deviate from Tostitos, I decided to try a fruit salsa with semi-homemade cinnamon sugar chips. It was a hit!


(Fruit salsa & cinnamon crisps)

The chips are so easy that I might have to start implementing them into my dessert rotation. Pam both sides of regular tortillas, coat with cinnamon and sugar, cut into smaller triangles, bake for 10 minutes at 350. Done! They almost tasted like the exterior of Mexican fried ice cream, aka they would go great with ice cream. For the salsa, I ended up using a bag of frozen berries rather than fresh, more bang-for-the-buck.

To kick off the weekend I was able to experience Pinstripes in Georgetown for the first time. Definitely a fun place! It’s part bistro, bar, bowling and bocce. For this trip I bocce’d. Amazingly, the venue’s ambiance is completely non-cheesy; it’s outfitted in patio-style/outdoorsy furnishings rather than the typical neon bowling lights. They also hold weddings which may add to the mind-boggling entertainment combination. Recommend a visit!


(Forgot to take my own visuals, photo courtesy of Yelp)

Throughout the week I embarked on several shorter runs, but never made it for a 5+ mile single run. Workouts are all about timing, and since I dedicated my Saturday morning to an intense spin class, the weekend hours just didn’t align for a dedicated distance run. Regardless, I still ended up entering the lottery for the Marine Crops Marathon this October. I find out Wednesday! Wednesday will be a nerve-racking day.


(One more visual for good measure)



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