The Go-To’s

This week I embraced a few favorite things: the National Portrait Gallery, endorphin packed runs and chocolate chip cookies.

On Saturday I ventured to the National Portrait Gallery with Ben and Kelsey for a “Supersonic Rewind” dance party.

DC(That guy had a great time.)

The event, located in the Kogod Courtyard, hosted funk bands that played soul hits of the 1960s and 70s. Yes, we cha-cha’d a bit! And embraced the courtyard. It really is such a great space in DC, and after some research, I realized most people share similar sentiments. Including Conde Nast, which included the courtyard in it’s list of “seven architectural wonders of the world” in 2008 after current renovations were complete. When the courtyard’s not used for funk jam session, this light filled space is a tranquil, garden-like interior in the middle of the museum, and downtown DC.

On running: Warmer weather is helping to make outdoor runs much more accessible! Over the weekend I hit 9 miles. It felt good!


Since last week’s longer run didn’t happen I was a bit nervous for how Sunday’s would go. Luckily, it seemed like scaling back from a longer run and incorporating additional, shorter jaunts helped add some speed.

Then I made some chocolate chip cookies because I just couldn’t resist. My theory is that if I’m going to have dessert, mind as well make it from scratch so I know what’s in it! 24/7 access to fresh cookies in the freezer is the best.


Finishing off with an after-work running shot!





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