Art Seen

On the first Friday of every month several of the smaller art galleries in Dupont host open houses to show off rotating collections. This March was my first time attending “First Friday”!


Such a fresh new DC activity! And also a great way to reunite with friends at the end of the week. Kelsey, Lesley, Lauren, Ben and I meandered our way through Studio Gallery and Hillyer Art Space this time; complementary wine was a much appreciated bonus. This month’s collections were bright and airy which definitely helped spice up my creative juices. Bold prints, sunshine & daylight savings are all welcomed!



On a baking note, over the weekend I made some greek yogurt and honey blueberry muffins. Pretty good! Since they’re made with healthy-alternative ingredients the muffins are great for pre/post workout snacks. Unfortunately they’re not quite as sweet as I’d hoped so they’re best paired with a condiment of sorts; next time I’ll add more blueberries!


(Inspired by art galleries, muffins staged with new artwork from Cherry Blossom Creative)

Kitchen concoctions continued with some tuna cakes… like crab cakes only tuna. Technically I blogged about these back in the day but there was no visual, so here’s round two! I haven’t perfected the patty formation yet, but this canned tuna is packed with flavor. Old Bay can just be game changing.





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