Earthy Crunchy

During Lent I try to do two things: not eat meat on Friday’s and give something up for the duration of the season.

Meatless Friday’s: 1 for 2. This one seems to take a lot of willpower, and during last Friday’s Maggiano’s trip the chicken parmesan just couldn’t be left behind. This week I successfully avoided the faux pas; although I think we can all agree that veggie pizza is just waiting to be jazzed up with a protein. But still a step in the right direction! I’ve been dabbling with the idea of cooking with tofu recently and meatless days seemed like a great time to take a stab, or butter knife, at it. My vision was to create a Chipotle-like Sofritas bowl.


It wasn’t bad! I essentially used the same marinade that I would on chicken, only let it soak for much longer (2 hours). After cast-iron cooking, the tofu itself was flavorful, but definitely not overpowering in zest. An overnight marinade may have helped with this, or just more salt because that seems to be my universal band-aid in the kitchen. I paired the tofu in a bed of salsa which livened the dish up exponentially!


Overall I don’t think I’d put tofu in the regular meal rotation, but it’s a nice change of pace from chicken. Next time I’d try the extra firm version (this was just “firm”), let it marinade longer and not hold back on flavor… it needs it!

In terms of “giving something up” for Lent, this year I stuck with the tried-and-true candy route. I’ve been strong so far. For clarification, brownies with Reese’s baked inside do not count as candy. They’re in the dessert category.

Switching gears, I was luckily able to make it out for a longer run on Saturday. Reached 8 miles! It felt good to stretch my legs on the trail for the first time in a while, and thankfully some very nice individual had cleared the path just enough to tiptoe back to civilization.


The pace was about 10:15/mile, which I’m choosing not to consider terrible when factoring in ice patches, photo taking and 25 degree weather.


To round out the week, a few wise words from Worship!

An Irish man walks into a pub and orders three beers. The bartender silently questions the man’s motive for ordering three beers, but still serves him. The Irish man travels back to the pub the next night, then the next, and so on, always ordering three beers. Finally one day the bartender asked the man “why three beers?” The Irish man’s answer: when he and his brothers are apart and can’t meet for a drink, they all honor each other with a beer in each other’s place. Then one day the man only orders two beers. The bartender, thinking the worst, assumes one of the man’s brothers has passed but doesn’t initially broach the subject. The Irish man travels to the bar night after night and only orders two beers. Finally the bartender asks, “Why only two beers, did something happen to one of your brothers?”. “No”, the man says, “it is Lent and I gave up beer”.




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