Winter Weight

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing some top notch visitors. First up: Nance and Len! Not willing to let the snow take over yet another winter weekend, these troupers trekked it high and low through DC’s Saturday snow. Weekend highlights:

Maggiano’s: Yes, I stereotypically love this place! But I also really wanted to include a PSA to let everyone know that Maggiano’s now has a “Lighter Take” menu, helping with portion control and saving room for dessert.

The Newseum: Such an enlightening experience! Favorite new discovery of the visit: the internal film studio. It holds 126 people, is completely soundproof and has hosted town hall’s by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Somehow I had never noticed it!

N&L(Nance and Len)

This Newseum trip was particularly enjoyable because there were so few other museum-goers due to the snowy weather. After last fall’s free Museum Day Live! weekend the extra space was greatly appreciated. We could fully enjoy the exhibits, including the Pulitzer Prize Photography.


Since Alli was also visiting this weekend (another highlight), brunch was on the agenda for Sunday.


Lincoln: Home of the most delicious waffles. I’m fairly certain this waffle claim is not just because brunch was paired with bellini’s. The vanilla waffle was phenomenal! Also amazing: the biscuits. I’ve been on several recipe websites recently and biscuits seem to be quite popular. Thankfully, I could savor Lincoln’s buttery and delicious concoction to satisfy the craving. Meal categorized under “not light fare”. Just have to risk it for the biscuit.

Ideally I’d now also share how I ran several miles this week. Unfortunately, due to weather a long run has not recently occurred. This week’s motto was “something’s better than nothing” where I was content when I actually made the gym pilgrimage in 20 degrees.

Is it spring yet?!




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