Artists and Crafts

The National Gallery of Art is one of my favorite museums in DC, and the middle of winter seemed like the perfect time for a fresh visit!

Van Gogh

(Vincent van Gogh)

Pure inspiration! It still amazes me that these paintings are right downtown and free to view anytime (10 am-5 pm).


(Claude Monet)

The trip helped rejuvenate my artistic side in anticipation for Sunday’s Galentine’s gathering / crafting social! Essentially, paint and wine classes are getting a bit pricey so Claire and I decided to host our own crafting afternoon.



(Top: Katie, Amy, Keely, Claire, Jenny, Lesley & Kelsey; Bottom: Keely focusing on watercolors)

Since a BYOC (bring your own craft) policy was in place we had some fantastic project diversity. Water colors, paint-by-numbers and pendent making paired nicely with wine, cheese and chocolate. Great for the heart and soul.


Realistically, a four mile run this week also helped cardio conditioning a bit. I’m slowly adding miles and gearing up for the upcoming Cherry Blossom race. An interesting piece of advice I read in this month’s Runner’s World was to treat a running workout as a privilege, rather than something else to check off in your day. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to some planned runs this week! Let’s get those endorphins going again.

Also, so that I can balance out Valentine’s day treats, like:





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