Crunch for Cookies

After varied trial workouts at SoulCycle, Zengo, the YMCA, Balance and Crunch gyms and with the Capital Striders Meetup group, my fitness shopping mission came to a conclusion this week: I’m officially a member of Crunch gym! Price, location and class offering were three main components in the consideration process. An inaugural BLT (butt, legs, thigh) class was a great start!

Book club also provided entertainment this week. January’s reading: Reconstructing Amelia. In the novel, a mother pieces together her daughter’s life prior to an apparent suicide. It was difficult to soak in at times, and not necessarily because of the storyline’s dark theme. The narration follows high school drama which is perhaps better suited for a young-adult novel. On the plus side: it’s a quick read. Highly rated on Amazon, so apparently well received by the masses!

Rounded out the week with a ladies night and cookie making (separate occasions).

Night(w/ Claire, Lesley and Kelsey)

Tried this Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe. The directions are quite elaborate, but my new baking mission is to actually understand each ingredient’s purpose; this was a great start! And yes, they are delicious. But so are Betty’s.





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