Average Epiphanies

This week I had a few epiphanies. They started in the kitchen:

1. Moscow mule’s are my new go-to cocktail. And they’re so easy to make! I followed Bon Appetit’s recipe that combines lime juice, ginger beer, vodka, ice and a lime wedge. It helped brighten up winter roasted vegetables and Trader Joe’s seasoned salmon. Yum.

Moscow Mule

2. All Mexican inspired side dishes I try taste the same, which isn’t necessarily bad. This week I tried a Quinoa Enchilada Casserole. I even stepped up the recipe a bit with a previously created homemade enchilada sauce, and paired the dish with chicken fajita’s I’d also already enjoyed! The quinoa really didn’t take any shape, but can easily be re-categorized under “quinoa enchilada salad”.


3. I should really stop hoping lighter desserts are just as good as the full shebang. This week I tried Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins and unfortunately they were a dud; the muffins stuck to the wrappers, the oats were too prominent and they simply weren’t fluffy. Real time comparison with Claire’s traditional banana muffin masterpieces:


For the exception of paleo brownies, which I’ve been wanting to try, clean desserts might be off the table for a while.

Other revelations occurred this week during a trial CrossFit session when I realized I’m not a fan of CrossFit. The class I attended seemed a bit slow and lacked a prominent cardio component that I love in organized workouts. Another gripe: CrossFit uses tons of equipment! I just don’t see how we needed barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, kettle bells, rowers, etc. to get a good workout. (I believe in plyometrics!) It was fun to try a few new moves, though. This is 100% what I thought I looked like while doing an inversion on the gymnastics rings:

Olympic Rings

Final mind boggling moment of the week occurred when I saw Wild in theaters and realized I also own Reese’s/“Cheryl’s” flannel!? Wardrobe choices really helped the story’s empowerment message connect.





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