Still Ringing in 2015

Backtracking a bit from the previous reflection post, here are a few photos from 2015’s New Years celebration! Great friends and a bit of bubbly: a winning combination.

New Years(w/ Claire, Amy, Nicole and Keely)

New Years(w/ Keely)

Then on a semi-whim Ben and I took a quick jaunt to Philadelphia. Part of the continued vision to “try new things”… My only previous memory of the state of Pennsylvania included family trip(s) to Sesame Place; it seemed like a good time to head back to PA.

Checked off a some top tourist attractions! Visuals sprinkled with a few fun facts & commentary.

The Liberty Bell:

Liberty Bell

  • An iconic symbol of American independence!
  • Inscription: “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”
  • The wide crack in the Liberty Bell was actually made in an effort to repair a much smaller, hairline crack

US Mint:


  • Philadelphia housed the first US Mint, other mint facilities are now in Denver, San Francisco, West Point, and Fort Knox
  • The current PA mint building is actually the fourth, the first was built in 1792 when Philadelphia was still the US capital
  • Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the mint workers in action; they work 10 hour shifts 4 days a week to cut costs …  : )

Reading Terminal Market:

Reading Terminal Markt

  • An enclosed public market in the downtown area
  • Over 100 merchants offer fresh produce, amish specialities, meats and seafood, baked goods… essentially everything you’d need for a great meal! Like…


Love Park:

Love Park

  • A “Love” sculpture was first placed in the plaza in 1976 during the US Bicentennial celebration
  • Official park name: JFK Plaza
  • Not at all cliche

Had such a good time ringing in the New Year…!

Liberty Bell





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