New Year, Same Blog!

Happy New Year!

It’s January 1st: The one year anniversary of EmPan Blogs!

My initial vision for EmPan Blogs was twofold: One, to document my activities, interests and opinions all in one place. And two, to hold myself accountable to seek out new experiences throughout the year. It worked! I can’t even avoid a cliche in this here reflection post: “Documenting the dream, one post at a time” has truly been such a rewarding project! Top reasons?

1. It ensures I live an active life! Blogging is way more fun when I’ve done new things or had interesting experiences (and taken pictures to help tell the story). Interestingly, blogging didn’t only help force the issue of participating in majorly exciting things, like seeing a show or signing up for a new race; it also helped turn beyond-mundane-Sundays into blog-worthy ones. Correct, when I only share muffin or cookie recipes I have had a particularly inactive week, but last-ditch efforts still count for attempts at living the dream.

2. It’s a creative hub! Crafting weekly updates ensures I’m writing comprehensively on a weekly basis and (attempting) to deliver the story in a rather interesting way. It’s a work in progress!

3. Regular readers! What an honor! To my surprise, it’s been such a great way to stay connected with friends near and far. Thanks so much for reading!!!


So yes, EmPan Blogs is staying alive in 2015!

New Years Resolutions, adapted from 2014 plans:

1. Make a new recipe every 7-9 days. Because there are just too many casserole and cookie recipes to try without some sort of deadline.

2. Run! Continue running at least 4-5 miles once a week. Endorphins make you happy! Official races are also a must. I still have an eye on a full marathon… Carpe diem!!

3. Seek out new and different activities. Can’t wait try out new bars, restaurants, shows, painting classes, etc.!

4. Read good books. In addition to book club readings, I’m looking to squeeze in a few personal book choices on the side.

5. Monitor sugar intake. I love sugar. And I know too much is bad. This resolution needs to be worked out a bit, but the general idea is to lower sugar intake so that I’m not consuming more than 6 grams of sugar per serving (one sugar packet is ~ 3 grams), or just avoid pre-packaged foods altogether. TBD.

6. Switch to organic eggs and chicken. It just seems like the right thing to do.

7. Keep blogging!




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