Harvesting Memories

Disclaimer: This title is meant to be as corny as possible. The jokes keep coming.

Last week’s theme was “pre-Thanksgiving”: burned through a few great workouts, experienced the most extravagant Friendsgiving one could imagine and gave thanks at church for an amazing gospel choir concert!

The newest test-run workout took place at Zengo Cycle in Logan Circle. Another free introductory class! This spin studio has a similar lights down, party-on-a-bike feel as SoulCycle. Still fun, and a great switch from self driven runs and weight routines.

On Saturday I attended my first Friendsgiving with close friends, bookclub members and a few dozen friends-of-friends(-of-friends).

photo 2-2(w/Claire & Keely)

It was hopping! And so well executed! Two turkeys, tons of sides and plenty of desserts were on display and thoroughly enjoyed.

dinner table(Get it Keelz!)

My contribution: a vegetable pizza appetizer.


Crescent roll crust, cream cheese spread, vegetable topping. So easy!

The event never lost touch of the true meaning of Thanksgiving: everyone wrote what they’re grateful for on a feather! Sometimes preschool activities hold real weight.


On Sunday the St. Augustine’s Gospel Choir broke it down for a highly anticipated concert. Ticket sales went towards a new church sound system!

Gospel Choir(Father Pat & Choir!)

I’ll finish this week with Irish words of wisdom; aka my favorite ready-made toast that I happened to share at Friendsgiving:

“There are good ships,

and there are wood ships,

The ships that sail the sea.

But the best ships, are friendships,

And may they always be.”


– EmPan


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