Food, Friends, Feelings

Safe to say this week I didn’t go hungry. Or without friendly reunions. Or feelings; no better time to embrace USA pride than Veterans Day!

On Tuesday I attended “The Concert for Valor” on the National Mall. Thanks to the magic of jumbo-trons I was able to see and hear everything from half-the-mall back!


Video dedications: moving. Jennifer Hudson and Jessie J’s opener: spot-on. T-shirt weather: welcomed. Controversy over Eminem: as expected.

In an effort to get back in the kitchen, I tried a Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken recipe via the blogoshpere. The chicken’s marinade calls for chopped cilantro, olive oil, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt/pepper and lime juice. For the exception of fresh cilantro, I had all the ingredients which made the recipe particularly enticing! Think I nailed it:

Cilantro Lime Perhaps not the rice, though. I tried whipping together the same flavors + a little butter in the brown rice but it was still missing something. I’m convinced it wasn’t just added salt, although it definitely did the trick this week.

Also made chocolate chip cookies (frozen for future joy) and discovered the most delicious salad at sweetgreen: apples, pears, and organic cheddar salad. I think it’s the candied pecans that just bring it home for me. Next up on kitchen endeavors: recreating it to save $9 a pop. Stay tuned!

Then caught up with Keely, Dan and Mike at Ted’s Bulletin for a much needed reunion. More delicious dining.


And wrapped up with week with Katie and Claire at the Arlington semi-hidden gem, Pupatella! Neapolitan pizza: it’s basically in my dna.

photo 2-84



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