City Meetups

Continuing on my “try new workouts” mission, this week I went on a group run with the DC Capital Striders! Although I’ve been a member of the Meetup running group for over a year, I’d never actually made it out to an event until now. Meetup: “the world’s largest network of local groups”.

For my first time on an organized group run I decided to attend the least intimidating session, landing on a “Tuesday Evening Slower Paced Run and Happy Hour”. Slower paced in this sense refers to a 10 or 11 minute mile. The event started at 6:30 in Dupont and after getting to know the other 10ish members we set off on a not-necessarily-so-slow jaunt. Thank goodness for stop lights! We ended up running 4.25 miles on a route that trailed from Dupont to Foggy Bottom to the Lincoln Memorial, across the mall to the Washington Monument, back towards Farragut and then Dupont again. It was a little uncomfortable to constantly try and keep pace with the pack, but towards the end of the route I found my stride. I’ll want to try a few more running groups to see how they compare, but this is one is a great option to cure future running slumps.

Meet-ups continued over the weekend when I was able to visit a few great friends in NYC. Loved catching up with Alli, Liz and Emily; why didn’t we document these occasions with pictures?! Fortunately, memories are still safely intact in addition to the delectable remembrance of a Gingerade from Vintry Wine and Whisky. Yum.

For the rest of the weekend Ben and I were quite possibly the biggest tourists in the city.

Times Square(The Concert for Valor: Coming Soon!)

We trekked the city high and low. Stopped for sustenance in Little Italy and sought out specialty shops Magnolia’s Bakery and Eileen’s Special Cheesecake (couldn’t leave without cheesecake).

Little Italy

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge for added exercise.

Brooklyn Bridge

Meandered through the New York Public Library for architectural inspiration.


And started the holiday festivities off with a trip to see Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular! The show’s been running since 1933!

Radio City

Big city, bright lights; cheers!



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