Artisanal Soul

With some extra time on my hands I was able to enjoy a few different activities last week. Like SoulCycle!

SoulCycle(Post sweaty class)

SoulCycle: a New York City-based boutique cycling studio chain with a cultish following. A studio opened in DC a few months ago and I was lucky enough to grab a few free passes at a recent health fair. Overall, the experience was exceptionally fun; like a dance party on a bike! The lights were down, the music pumping, and although the instructor was a bit intense, the up-beat choreography kept the momentum alive. The unfortunate part: regular classes are out of my price range at $30/45 minute class. Time to find an alternative version!

The Light Between Oceans was on deck for this week’s bookclub discussion. After a slow (molasses pace) start, the storyline caught my attention with a Law and Order style child custody battle. Backtracking, the novel takes place in Australia after WWI. Tom, a lighthouse attendant, and his wife Isabel live alone on an island where they discover an abandoned boat with a baby safely inside. They raise the child as their own, and then discover who the real parents are. Drama! Others tend to recommend the book, too.

For this year’s Halloween festivities I decided to get a bit artisanal, shall we say. Started with some chocolate-chip pumpkin bars and apple crumble then moved to carving and sewing activities. I can’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin so decided to keep the design as simple as possible. See!


It compliments Claire’s chevron sparked creation well.


Then for a semi-last-minute costume I decided to practice my needlepoint skills with the sewing of a cow-spotted t-shirt. The vision: a holy cow.

tshirt(Luckily cow spots don’t have to be cut straight)

cow(A holy cow with a construction worker side-kick)

Worshipped on Sunday, too. Gospel choir concert in a few weeks! Beyond excited.




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