Change of Pace

So… I’m looking for a new job!

The business unit I work for is being re-organized and unfortunately my position, as well as several others on the team, were impacted by the reduction in staff. Quite the experience! I guess I knew that being laid off could happen at some point in my career, and the earlier I realize it isn’t the end of the world is all the better. Not being the only one directly effected by the change and having career transition assistance also helps. Obviously, after a few days of mulling over the situation I’ve been able to see light at the end of this unknown tunnel! Personal plug: looking into marketing specialist or marketing manager positions, as well as heading down the business consulting path. While I’m at it, LinkedIn : )

A few key takeaways from an overwhelmingly positive year and half in the full-time working world:

1. Office chitchat can lead to some fantastic unsolicited advice. Two of my favorites: “Sitting is the new smoking” & “Not having a tattoo is the new tattoo”. Wise, wise words.

2. Bootcamp workouts are pretty much the best, especially when they’re free and right after work in a “garden of pain”. Burpee‘ing alongside co-workers also adds a hilarious component, always a plus.

3. Asking to take on more responsibility has been one key to my success. I’ve gained new experiences and skill sets and developed relationships along the way that I otherwise wouldn’t have. It also keeps things much more interesting!



This weekend’s weather was ideal for outdoor activities. Started off Saturday by returning to the Capital Crescent trail for a Georgetown to Bethesda jaunt. Great foliage and cheery runners kept morale high.

Then the Marine Corps Marathon was on Sunday! Couldn’t help but get caught up in the Oorah spirit. Was able to cheer on Kendall (& her dad!) from multiple stops along the way!


What a great course… keeping the gears going for next year!





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