Wine and Country

My last few days have been spent with friends, wine, and spaghetti: all much appreciated after a long week!

Friday Night Meatballs

Friday I attended a “Friday Night Meatballs” gathering at Lez and KB’s apartments. The concept/movement is to bring people together over a no-nonsense meal, to catch up or meet someone new. It worked! Met some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed conversation over wine and comfort food.

Friday Night Meatballs(This is when a selfie stick is needed)

On Saturday, Ben and I kept the spirits going and headed to Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia.


It was my first time at a VA vineyard and it was packed… with kids?! Every other young and happenin’ (slight exaggeration) adult & small child had the same great idea to “vineyard” on Saturday… including KB and her co-workers who we ran into!


What are the chances?! Slim. So hilarious, especially after a glass and a half.

The weekend was topped off with a Spaghetti Squash Casserole. It was my first time working with the fruit and it turned out fairly well! My vision was to re-create a pasta and sausage casserole.

Spaghetti squash

This version has less structure but the flavor’s all there, especially with chicken sausage and a breadcrumb topping, both adjustments to the recipe. It’s amazing how the innards look just like angel hair pasta! Not saying it’s officially in the meal-rotation, but a great healthy alternative to my go-to box of carbs.

Final visual is from my 4ish mile jog, catalogued under “running scenery that hasn’t gotten old yet”:





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