Running High

Race day arrived! I finished!


Overall, this year’s Navy-Air Force Half Marathon felt like my strongest race yet. Although I didn’t get a personal record (2 minutes short), I ended right under my benchmark goal of 2 hours at 1:59:40! My pace averaged out to 9:07min/mile.

Interestingly, the last mile was a bit more of a mental doozy than a physical one. The very end of the course has a slight incline and the finish line isn’t visible until just before the 13 mile marker. It seemed like everyone was collectively thinking “When will it end!?”! Thankfully I had the energy to sprint out the last .1 mile to make it under my goal time … and knew exactly what time I was pacing with my Garmin watch!


Major thanks to Claire and Ben for the virtual and physical support!

Race texts

So much appreciation for cheers along the way. And for Claire’s last minute ride to the start line; apparently all other Washingtonian runners are Uber fans, too – 3X surge pricing!

After a quick recovery rest I had the joy of catching up with friends near and far. Some things just feel right.


(Lesley, Kelsey, me, Alli, photo credit: Omar)

Time to put another race on the calendar!


– EmPan


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