Did Pumpkin Ever Leave?

I’ve started out September on the verge of becoming –>this<–. BuzzFeed’s #2 foul is below! Luckily, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s aren’t really my thing so I might be able to outsmart the stereotype.


New neighborhood!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting great use out of my new cast iron pan; this time I whipped up some rosemary and garlic chicken and sweet potatoes. It turned out pretty well!

Sweet potato

I accidentally doused the chicken with half the bottle of rosemary so it had plenty of flavor. For the potatoes I tried to follow a Bobby Flay Garlic and Herb Grilled Sweet Potato Fries recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite nail the consistency after boiling them for a bit too long. Next time I might have to try the traditional baked fries option, yum.

On Friday I ventured to the National’s baseball game. What a great night!


So much American pride at bargain prices… $8 tickets!?


National’s Stadium itself opened in 2008; a few fun facts:

  • 41,418 seating capacity
  • It was the first major stadium to receive US LEED certification
  • Fans can see the Washington Monument and the Capitol from the upper decks
  • Pope Benedict visited the stadium in 2008 and held Mass!?

Then on Sunday I had the pleasure of experiencing Ikea to it’s fullest! What a trip. Since it’s advised not to go hangry, a Sweedish lunch was welcomed. No picture, I was that hungry.

To top off the weekend I got a 7ish mile run in to round out preparation for the half. The weather couldn’t have been better, just hoping for a brisk and quick Sunday jaunt next week!


– EmPan


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