It’s September

Summer’s over!? Luckily, this past week’s weather was conducive to end-of-the-season activities. First up was a mid-week movie in the park with Claire and Ben. The film: Frozen!


Somehow I think there were way more adults than under 5’s in the audience. I’ll let it go.

To kick off the long weekend I went on my last long training run; hit 11 miles! Slow and painful at times (miles 9.5-11) but it just had to be done. I allowed myself about four 1 minute stop watch breaks so it averaged out to about 2 hours total.

11 mile run

After a few months of preparation I still can’t really pinpoint how well I’ll do on the 14th. On one hand, squeezing in two additional miles in the same time period seems a bit crazy. But then I also have to factor in how not entirely encouraging a solo 11 mile run is compared to race day adrenaline. Bottom line: the half marathon time will be a surprise! This year I’m trying to maintain a “just finish” mentality rather than obsessing over a particular time (2013 downfall).

Post run I enjoyed a hearty recovery meal followed by bbqs and nature walks! Side note: made a repeat casserole and Trader Joe’s Blondie Bar Mix this weekend. Bars were made twice, for two separate gatherings, they’re that good! I just can’t seem to stay away from cookies and cumin.

Great Falls

Then headed to Great Falls for a mid-long-weekend hike. 800 acres of park only 15 miles from our National’s Capitol! It must be a rule that one appreciates nature 10x more when they spend so much time in a city. No worries, that’s my only philosophical thought for the day. Oh deer!




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