Seacrets in the Sand

You know how New Jersey people go to the Jersey Shore for vacation? From what I gathered this weekend, Ocean City is amazingly similar for Marylanders. Nine miles of beach and boardwalk! Almost like the OC, minus Mischa.

Ocean City

But before the weekend getaway I hit two mundane milestones: used my new cast iron pan for the first time and went on a long before-work-run!

Cast Iron Pan

Apparently 24 is the tipping point for pure joy over household gifts. My first meal on the cast iron pan was a garlic salted burger patty. Exciting! Definitely pleased with how well it turned out. The pan should season itself over time and flavor future dinners with the help of non-soap based cleaning. What a conundrum. The restaurant style grill stripes on the burger added to the pan’s appeal (ha!).


Then on Thursday I actually went on the 9.5 mile run… before work! It was an uphill 10:40ish minute/mile battle. Not planning to repeat that sunrise jaunt any time soon. Or ever.

But because I finished my long run for the weekend I could fully enjoy all that is Ocean City, MD. Quite the experience! Claire, Amy and I headed out of the city early Saturday morning to enjoy some sun, sand and Seacrets. Seacrets: an Ocean City institution. It’s a sand bar and restaurant compound on the bay which hosts live bands, scores of bachelor and bachelorette parties and Maryland’s finest. Hilarious!


Joy continued when we found some Sunday sun (& breeze).



– EmPan


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