Forward Momentum

This past weekend consisted of heavy lifting and delightful meals; hopefully somehow they evened out! First I had the joy of moving apartments with the help of Nance and Len. Saints, really. Downtown to Dupont is a nice change of scenery! Excited to check out the new neighborhood and find running routes. I procrastinated my intended 9 mile run for too long that it just didn’t happen this weekend. Upsetting… but somehow that could have been predicted. To compensate I added in a slow & steady 6 mile Monday morning bday run. Possible 9 miles on Thursday, TBD!

On to food: There were some great meals this weekend.

1. Rasika: Perhaps my favorite DC restaurant! May never stray away from the Chicken Tikka Masala. Phenomenal!

2. Market Lunch: Breakfast is amazing any time of day, especially lunchtime blueberry buckwheat pancakes and real maple syrup in Eastern Market. This place is so DC. So good.

Market Lunch

3. Nando’s: Second favorite restaurant of the moment!? Just can’t go wrong with their chicken and sangria! Perfect place to catch up with friends and keep the birthday celebrations alive.

Birthday Blooms

And so the 24th year begins!


– EmPan


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