Yup, didn’t do anything super interesting this week! Un-monumental, you may say. In getting ready to move from an ideal downtown location, I decided to soak in the neighborhood as much as possible this weekend.

First up was an 8 mile run along the mall that ended on the Capital Crescent. I was still a bit sore from Wednesday bootcamp (a doozy) but am happy with the under 10 min/mile pace.


I keep switching between not caring too much about the upcoming race and passionately wanting to beat my first year time of 1:57. The next few weeks will be a true test!

Post run I had my second breakfast-of-champions for the day…

Post-run breakfast

Using the roof deck as much as possible!

Then had some friends over for a last-horrah cookout.


(Keely, me, Annie and Dan; photo credit: Mike!)

Sadly I didn’t even come up with anything original to serve. I new we (I) needed dessert but none of the summer themed recipes were speaking to me, for the exception of blueberry pie but time was a bit cramped. Perhaps for birthday pie! The boxed brownies were just a crime.

On Sunday I continued soaking in downtown charm with my mall panorama. Why don’t I take these more often?!


Happy Shark Week, cheers!

– EmPan


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