Middle of Summer

The great thing about long-term hobbies is that when there’s seemingly not-too-much going on, there’s always the basics to fall back on. Like bookclub! This month we finally read the top book from my list: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s a memoir describing Strayed’s solo 1k+ mile hike across the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Majave Dessert through CA, Oregon and Washington State. Fascinating! The storyline never seemed stale with the combination of trail details and self-discovery. I was a fan, and so were club members! We were also pleased that it wasn’t about a “millennial” “cutting herself off” for a while; this happened back in the day, aka ’95.

Then, on a mid-week “oh man I ate too much” detox walk I stumbled on the US Air Force Max Impact band concert at the Capitol!

Max Impact

The combination of Air Force jumpsuits and country rock was hilarious! The music was fantastic; I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Later in the week I attempted some higher mileage for half marathon training. It’s been challenging getting back into longer distances with the heat, so was happy with a Thursday evening 6.4ish miles with a 10 minute pace. It felt good! Mid-weekend 90 degree run attempts are just too discouraging. My current plan is to add about a mile a week on the longer runs, then have one shorter run and a bootcamp workout per week until the mid-September race. Not quite as scientific of training as the last two years but figured I’d try a new plan and see how it goes!

For a weekend dinner I whipped up a pasta salad to pair with some grilled veg and sausage. So fresh, so good!

Grilled veg

Then hit a medium bucket at Langston golf course in DC with Ben.  Not exactly Fenway, but scenic!


And went on another quick Mall run to top off the weekend, because some things aren’t quite cliche yet.

Mall run




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