Park Push-ups

The love of bootcamp workout classes took me to the newly developed Yards Park this weekend. It’s so nice!


The Southwest Waterfront/Navy Yard/Nationals Stadium area has gone through significant changes over the last few years, with total renovations aimed to overhaul the previously less-than-seedy area. Historically the Capitol Riverfront (it apparently has several names) was anchored by the Navy Yard, the longest continually operating naval facility in the country. Economic growth halted after WWII, though, when the facility reduced it’s operations.

With the development of new parks and public spaces, restaurants and apartment buildings, the area is on the verge of being a hopping DC destination. Summer bootcamp classes are run by Vida gym and the park development board to help bring people out to the new area. It worked! Keely and I hit the waterfront deck for Saturday morning bootcamp. It was pretty good! Fun to try out new moves, and the price was just right.


Work it!

And then Target had some promotional tent giving away free t-shirts!? I practiced my Target marketing photography skills:


Next time I’ll have to check out one of the area restaurants, aka Ice Cream Jubilee. Looks delicious!

For dinner this weekend I whipped up a Bean Enchilada Casserole. Turned out well! I swapped store bought enchilada sauce with this version from another recipe. It was delicious! Tons of flavor that tied everything together.


Mojitos brought dinner to the next level.






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