Favorite Fourth

The 4th of July is the best.

Since I wouldn’t be in Bristol this year (2nd out of 23) I knew I’d have to make the weekend just as special with at least one homemade treat. I’d been eyeing the classic fruit pizza flag design for quite a while and decided to spring for something similar, but different. Rather than one large cookie (i.e. too much room for error) I decided to make a batch of star cookies… using Nana’s old rolling pin!

Star cookies

The final result was a sharp looking tray of sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and blueberries!

Star fruit cookies

They were great! It took several attempts to get to this point, though. Strawberries were just a little too awkward for first impressions at the 3rd of July party (but definitely still delicious). The evening ended with some pretty amazing Annapolis fireworks.

4th festivities continued with a major lap of the mall on Friday!

4th on the Mall

At night Ben and I headed to the Capitol Fourth Concert: fulfilling a childhood dream! The concert was pretty awesome and super patriotic, especially with glow sticks thanks to Nance! It was even better since we didn’t have to wait in line to enter the seating area! I’d always imagined you’d have to camp out all day to get a spot for the performances, which might be true for the front row seats, but the left-side-back was just as sweet.

Capitol ConcertAmerica!

On Sunday I took it easy and enjoyed some rooftop rotisserie chicken (store-bought) and quinoa salad with Lez! For the salad I threw together quinoa, onions, tomatoes and cucumber and seasoned with Italian dressing, lemon and salt. It was pretty good! There are plenty of summer salad recipes out there but I never seem to find all the ingredients when I’m at the store; this time I just kept throwing in flavors until I was satisfied. You know how there are mixology classes? There should be season-ology ones, too.

Roof din

To top off the holiday weekend I whipped up a bread recipe I’d been eyeing for a while: Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins! They are fantastic. And oversized because I didn’t want to wash two pans. Yum!

Zucchini Muffins




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