Old Bay

Boating and crabs: two key components to a great Maryland weekend!

Over the last 5ish years as a Washingtonian I had never ventured far across the border to the Maryland Bay area, until now! Silver Spring (as I recently learned) does have an actual spring, but doesn’t quite evoke the same serene feelings as the Bay.

Ben and I enjoyed some watermelon (the irony) in Annapolis.


Then took a boat ride!


And strolled through St. Michael’s; a quaint town on the water made famous during the war of 1812 for fooling the British. Shipbuilding and seafood processing were its main economic drivers in the 18 and 19th centuries; so we checked out the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and had some seafood! Old Bay was in the air for sure.


Interestingly, crab pickers and claw crackers are almost all women and were originally paid by the pounds of crabmeat they picked. Thankfully crab pickers earn better wages today so I could thoroughly enjoy my crab cake sandwich at The Crab Claw, right on the water!

Crab cake

Back in DC I whipped up a few new recipes. For chicken I used this Chicken Milanese recipe; it essentially turned into homemade popcorn chicken. Not the “cleanest” option, but definitely delicious! And since I paired it with veg (for three meals and counting) it was totally worth it. Rachel Ray inspired the Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad, only I forgot the cucumber at Safeway so substituted my red pepper instead. Just as fresh!

Chicken Milanese

With Old Bay still on the mind I decided to throw together some seasoned popcorn. This time I just sprinkled a little Old Bay and olive oil on store bought kettle corn. So good. I see plenty of official recipes for next time! Add some sugar and garlic? Why not?!

Old bay popcorn Cheers!



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