Pickles and Pizza

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying two firsts; a pickle sponsored bbq and make-your-own grilled pizza! Essentially, the weekend was delicious. And on a side note: No, no long miles were logged this week! I think I’ve entered a running slump, so I’m hoping once a training plan is set for September’s Navy-Air Force Half Marathon I’ll get a jolt of adrenaline again. This will be my third half, and since I’d like to set a personal best (PB), perhaps the focused training should starts soon, -ish.

Back to pickles: Ben’s friend runs Number 1 Sons, a local fermentation company! Specialties include pickles, krauts, kimshis and a few other condiments,  like salsa. I was lucky enough to join this year’s summer bbq! The cuisine = amazing. I tried the half sours which had a fantastic crunch / kick and a few of the krauts. Highly recommend picking up some at a DC area farmers market!

At the cookout I passed on the giant roasting pig in favor of an out-of-this-world grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese

What a spatula!


The bbq was almost too perfect for Instagram.



I'm a dill

In other delectable food news, I grilled pizza for the first time! Super easy, and a bit phenomenal:

  1. Roll out pre-made dough (Trader Joe’s, for example)
  2. Lather olive oil to both sides
  3. Place the dough directly on the grill (amazing how it doesn’t seep through!)
  4. Grill for a few minutes and remove
  5. Add toppings on the cooked side and place the pizza back on the grill for a few minutes
  6. Remove / enjoy!

Grilled pizza

Diet starts tomorrow! (oldie, but still so good)


– EmPan


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