Health Kick

After last week’s festivities with absolutely delicious meals I realized it might be time for a new health kick to reboot and refocus! Lately I’ve been pretty good about getting in produce and making meals at home (even when they’re un-inspiring and not blogworthly LOL). But, I know I should be drinking much more water, and my primary downfall: dessert! Just can’t live without it.

As a longtime Katie Couric fan I’d been interested in seeing her new documentary on the food industry, called Fed Up. So Keelz and I checked it out this weekend! The film is a critique of the American diet, specifically tied to excessive sugar intake.  Sugar is known as a poisonous “chronic, dose dependent” liver toxin. In my super-scientific opinion I’ll confirm these statements; just try cutting yourself off for 10 days! Serious withdrawals (I can only imagine, haven’t tried, yet…)!

Fed Up

The film compares the current sugar epidemic in the US to what happened with tobacco; industry executives refuse allegations that their products are killing people and lobby against the government to reduce regulations.

It’s interesting how the documentary highlights Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. Although the mission started out with the idea to “move” the industry and set better product standards, special interest groups tied to major food companies (Coca Cola, Kraft, Kellogg, etc.) thwarted that change, and in-turn the program’s message changed it’s focus to exercise. Although physical activity is important, the film mentions numerous times how it’s simply impossible to out-exercise a poor diet. Side note, I’ve noticed this in past long-distance training; just because you’re running for over an hour doesn’t mean you can eat anything! What a crime!!

Overall the documentary was enlightening and helped shock myself into trying to reduce my own sugar intake; exactly what I needed it to do! My new lifestyle plan is to reduce pre-packaged foods and drink much more water throughout the day: if I say it here I have to do it!

On a food note, I made a new chicken dish this week! The Lemon Chicken Breast recipe from the Food Network was super easy and flavorful! I intended to pair it with a chickpea salad but I mistakenly bought dry chickpeas (not canned), and they’re still soaking, unclear as to if they’ll ever be ready… next time!


– EmPan


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