Bristol Bride and Groom

Jen & Mayank’s wedding day finally arrived!

Two years ago (to the weekend) Mayank flew cross-country to surprise Jen and propose at their favorite restaurant in Boston. Shortly after, plans started rolling out for the May 31st, 2014 Pansa-Seksaria wedding in Bristol, RI! Bristol, “America’s most patriotic town”, is:

  1. Where the Pansa family has resided for generations
  2. The most perfect New England wedding destination

The venue: Linden Place, is a historic house museum and where Nana Pansa was once a docent.

Overall, the weekend was fantastic. What a great way to start off the Hooley cousin wedding train! Too many details and amazing memories to share all at once, so I’ll turn this post into a photo-blog instead. Basically, we couldn’t have asked for anything better: the weather cooperated swimmingly, no dance floor casualties (that I’m aware of), and since Jen avoided any colored foods while wearing white, no hazardous spills! ; ) Before I go any further, boyfriend Ben deserves tons of photo credit!

The day started out with bridal party hair and make-up! Artists, really.

Getting ready(Katie, Erica, Jen, Darcy, Emily)

Once we were all ready to go, the official photo sessions began! First on the pier:

On the pier

Then on the trolley:

Trolly bridesmaids(Katie, Emily, Jen, Darcy, Erica and flower girl Aiden!)

Then we rode the trolley to church!

To church

And obviously sang along to “Going to the Chapel of Love“:

photo 1-24

Papa Joe was looking fantastic! Celebrating the first grandchild wedding in style. (Photo credit: Will Hooley)
Papa Joe
Josh Groban, I mean the Rhode Islander wedding singer, serenaded us throughout the service. And in less than an hour Jen and Mayank were married! Only a few tears of joy were shed during the service. Len held it together much better than George Banks.
After the receiving line Ben and I started on our own photo collection:
Then the bridal party was whisked away by the trolley man for more photos to document the joyous day:
Jen and Mayank
(Bride and Groom!)
Full bridal party
(Full bridal party!)
What a gem!
Then we took a brief stop at the Pansa family house:
High St.
And continued on to Linden Place for pictures before cocktail hour started!
The bridesmaids got really good at pretend-laughing-until-you-really-laugh!
And then the real party started at the reception! Delicious Del’s, entrée’s, vodka-soda-lime’s and cake were thoroughly enjoyed. Toasts were made, a few more tears were shed and then the highly anticipated dance party began! Who would have thought: the Rainbow Connection!
We just couldn’t have ended the night without a Hooley cousin photo!
What a crew!
What a celebration! What love! What a family!

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