Memorial Weekend

The un-official start of summer: more cookouts, more tourists! Earlier last week I attended May’s book club; the reading: The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Yes, just as depressing as it sounds! I swear, this one must be the last of the less-than-uplifting novels on the list. Despite the characters struggles, the night’s conversation was quite enjoyable with a great outdoor after-work appetizer spread!

book club

The long weekend started off with the first Jazz in the Garden concert of the season. It was packed! The major draw of the this weekly summer event, for most I’m assuming, is the ability to openly sip on pitchers of beer and/or sangria in the garden. Because it was the first of the 2014 series and it was absolutely beautiful outside, locals and tourists alike all had the same idea! Never made it in the long line for sangria, but enjoyed catching up with friends (and people watching).

Saturday morning I planned for a long run using my new Garmin Forerunner 10! The watch had been on my radar for a few months now and this week I was able to test it out! Not trying to sound too dramatic, but it is a bit life-changing. I started the run using both the Garmin and RunKeeper, an iPhone app I’ve been using for about a year. The plan was to compare stats afterwards, but unfortunately the app stopped working halfway through the 8.5 miles… even more reason for the real GPS!


The watch face is extremely clear so it’s easy to glance down and check time and pace. The addicting part was analyzing the run after when I connected the Garmin to my computer to upload the run’s statistics. The pace seemed a bit slower than previous workouts which was upsetting, but at least now I’ll be accurate in training!

The long weekend ended with some Low-Fat Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins. I’d been craving dessert bread for a few weeks now and finally made the plunge with a lighter option. They satisfied the chocolatey/spongy craving I had going; and since it’s too demoralizing to eat a million muffins all at once, I had some self control and stopped at two (for now).


Are those wedding bells I hear in the distance?!


– EmPan


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