Trail Walker

Public service announcement: it’s officially allergy season! Or as the WSJ accurately describes, the daily misery index is at its peak. I took the week off from any lengthy or intense physical activity. Hopefully next week I can build up to another long run; it’s been a while!

Luckily this weekend I made some progress and was able to take a quick nature walk on the Billy Goat Trail. The trail itself is a little over 4 miles, and as I’ve read, a fairly difficult hike. Saturday’s iffy rain / possibility of stormy weather called for a shorter path that started at the Tavern Visitors Center and lead to an extremely cleared (read: fully bridged) path to the water’s edge. What a view!

Billy Goat Trail

It amazes me that a 30 minute drive outside DC is so far removed from city life. The great outdoors! Ben and I just had to take a selfie:

Billy Goat Selfie

According to the map, we walked from Lock 20 to Lock 17 where we took the bridges over to the Great Falls Overlook. I’d recommend the path! Great views with low-trail commitment. Someday it’d be great to hike more of the trail, but only with the proper equipment, the warnings are serious business!

Trail Map

(trail map)

Happy Mother’s Day, Nance!

– EmPan



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