This past weekend I accomplished a few top activities: run, worship, and cook something new. I’d taken a breather from long runs the last few weeks and eased back into the routine with a steady 5 miles on the mall. Early morning Capitol to Lincoln runs never get old! #America

The main event for Sunday was church, or as I prefer to say, “worship”! After becoming bored/uninspired by local neighborhood churches I decided to “Church shop” in the district last year. It’s a thing! My search started with Google, which led to Yelp, and their list of top Catholic churches in Washington, DC. The first two (at the time) were the National Shrine and National Cathedral; inspiring but not as homey as preferred. Number three was St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church on U St. The reviews were great! After a bit more searching I realized it’s historically an African American church with a Gospel Choir at the 12:30pm mass: sold! The pastors, music and people are all inviting and inspiring. Seriously, even special guests Nance & Len have gotten into it. Masses are a bit long at 1 hr. 45 mins. so I don’t go every week, but I believe the saying “quality over quantity” works in instances such as these. Re-boot and re-focus for the week ahead! #Blessed


(Visual from the Internet)

Sunday evening I sprung for Chicken Enchiladas and closely followed directions from the Food Network. They turned out pretty well. A lot of ingredients and a bit time consuming, but that seemed true for most enchilada recipes. Still over cooked the meat! Some day I’ll learn. Must say, they tasted even better as Monday left overs. The magic of a pre-made weeknight meals. Yum!



– EmPan


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