Third Time’s Charming

This past weekend marked my third, and last, wedding shower for the season! Thankfully, I’ve developed my maid-of-honor knowledge & skills over the last few weeks; and with fellow bridesmaids and mom’s help it all ran smoothly. Saturday morning Nance, the bride and I traveled to Jen’s first dress fitting, then took a mystery ride to the surprise shower location. Jen got the hint it might be on Wellesley’s Campus once we took a turn “down memory lane”; a victory for Nance and I as we kept it locked down that long! My mini MOH intro was great practice for impending toast (or roast?!) at the wedding. The brownie sundae dessert took the edge off.

Jen's Shower

(Darcy, Jen, myself, Katie and Erica)

Papa Joe even made another guest appearance! Kristin and I couldn’t resist a selfie:

Papa Joe Selfie

Earlier last week I attended book club! April’s book was I Am Malala.  Malala is a young female education activist, originally from Pakistan, who was shot at 15 in 2012 by the Taliban. It was enlightening. As an American it’s easy to grow immune to the War on Terror; this was a sobering reminder of what’s still going on in the Middle East. Other book club members weren’t quite as pleased with the narrative, more for technical specifics (how much did she really write vs. the ghost writer?), rather than the overarching theme. I’d recommend the read!

On a lighter note, I cooked swai fish tonight! I was extremely close to cracking open my last bottle of Prego and carbo-loading, but persevered for health! It was sauteed in lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper. Somehow it tasted exactly like fish sticks!? I think this is a positive. Side salad consisted of spinach, tomato, corn and black beans. Veg was a good idea.

Fish and Salad


– EmPan


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